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October 23, 2014

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving goes beyond the vehicle class. It is an issue for all drivers but only CMV drivers, with these exceptions, are singled out and penalized. The train accident should not have happened. Following the driver’s “safety” patterns, or rather lack thereof, it was not the phone that caused the wreck but the driver’s habits. He does not pay merit to a train crossing and fudges on his med exams. It is likely this accident would have still occurred even if he had not been on the phone.

Cell phone usage, eating while driving, smoking with driving, laptop/iPad usage while driving and the 100 other things that can be on this list are all distractions.  How often do you see someone multitasking while behind the wheel?  They are applying makeup, shaving, having sex/performing sexual acts, changing clothes, reading a book and a myriad of other unthinkables while driving.  This is a culture and attitude change that needs to occur by all drivers to make our roadways safer.

CMV drivers, due to the larger vehicle and weight size, come into focus more quickly.   With D.O.T. regulations, we already have a means of governance over them so they are easier targets to point the finger upon.   CMV drivers do not need more regulations.  We need a nationwide attitude and accountability change for all drivers.   For all persons!

We have become litigious society that blames the other guy.   There is no personal responsibility taught any more.  It is always someone else’s fault.  People need to take responsibility for their own actions once again.  Drivers need to have real training behind the wheel and in the classroom before obtaining a license.  This is not just CMV drivers but everyone that possess the privilege to drive.  Non-CMV drivers need to be schooled and educated on how to conduct themselves around a CMV.   CMV drivers need to take pride in their profession and return to the Kings (and Queens) of the road that they once were.  We all need to stop trying to doing 100 things at once and concentrate one doing one thing to the best of our ability at a time.  This is how to make our roadways safer.  This how to end so called ADD and other distraction aliments.   We must again learn to concentrate instead of having the mindset and brain power of a gold fish.

Trucking companies are going to communicate with their drivers.  If it is not via cell phone, then it will be via onboard devices (texting alert) or radio.  Business people on the road are going to do the same.  Our society have moved into this “must be connected at all times” state.  The only way this will stop is if the phone manufactures place a block in the phones that render them unusable if in a moving vehicle.   Doubtful they will as this shall cost them money.

Drivers who are concerned for safety can download apps like ‘I’m Driving’.  This app informs your caller, automatically, that you cannot be reached at present due to being behind the wheel.   Some of my drivers use to use this app or a similar one.  While aggravating to the party trying to reach them; it is a welcome call to safety.  The driver who chooses this route, is a driver focused on safety.   To use this app effectively, it is a matter of learning to check the phone regularly when you stop for messages and missed calls.  Instead of killing hours behind the wheel “yacking”; you make safe, direct calls during a stop.  It is all about changing the mindset from frivolous to safety.

We do not need more regulations to achieve this goal.  We need education.  We need people who want to be safe.   Ask yourself, “What are you doing today to improve roadway safety?”  You don’t have to be a CMV driver to make a difference.

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November 6, 2012

Election 2012

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This sounds like a bad joke but it happened to me at the Voting poles.

An old lady/senior citizen, a middle aged lady (me) and 2 blonde guys walk into a church to vote.  There were no real signs that this was the voting place and it took a bit of Googling or series of phone calls to learn where to vote for my district.  Once inside; still no real signs of where to go in the church.  A man exited a room that looked “official” and I asked.   We were directed down the hall.  You entered the room at the second door which seemed clumsy.  There were 3 ladies sitting behind a desk; again no direction or signs.  With enough questions you learned the process required to gain a voting booth.  This was the first year for computerized voting in the area.  I have been using paper ballots since I first voted in TX in 2004.  These were not like the computer voting terminals I had previously used back East either.  It was like a rotary phone that you dialed up what you wanted and then pushed enter. 

Moving on, I finally gained my booth and was voting.  The man behind me announced he was not registered but decided he wished to vote today.  He was given a voter registration form and explained to that this was not possible.  The man was a bit older than I so this was not his first election.  This exchange was loud and the man was confused.  The man with him, son or brother, had now gained the booth next to me.  Here is where the fun began.

The man could not figure out this confounded computer thing as I hear most of the local older folks say when referring to any type of computer or computerized device.  He was planning on voting with his father/brother at the table with a paper ballot so that the person that can read and has an opinion on how everyone is to vote can show the others what to check.  This computer thing messed that idea all up.  The man was not quite 100%.  He had speech and walking issues, his hands did not function quite right and he was far from the sharpest crayon in the box.  I am guessing son because he looked to be in his 30’s.  

As we all know, there is no communication and especially no talking about candidates while in the voting 100 ft zone.  This man had no concept of this.  He just knew “daddy” was not next to him to tell him how to vote.  The election official basically had to work the machine for him.  He was totally confused!  She helped him sign in and then tried to leave him to vote.  He would not have it.  He called her back and asked how to vote.  She asked, “Party line or do you want to see names”.  Yeah names.  She showed him names; the 4 Presidential Candidates.  He yells where Obama.  Since it had his full name, he did not recognize it was the assumption from the loud conversation.  She tried to show him and again questioned about party line.  He asked what was that?  She explained Democrat.  That really confused the man.  Nope, he wanted to vote for Obama not that.  This went on for a bit until it sounded like the lady finally helped him vote for the party line and depart.

Ended up we all exited the building together as well.  What a conversation that was on the way out!

Now I have to ask, “What debate did this man watch?”  What news reports or newspapers or magazines did he read to help him make an informed decision?  What did he do to prepare to vote for the most capable candidate?  He could not even pick out his candidate’s name in a line up! 

I know as US Citizens we all have the RIGHT to vote.  We ban felons from voting even if they have advanced degrees and intelligence.  We do not allow a person to make a will if they are not of “sound mind and body” or enter into any legal contract for that matter.  Yet we let anyone vote.  Should there not be a basic IQ test or some minimum level of schooling/intelligence factor one should possess before being able to help select the “most powerful man/woman in the world”?  Not doing so just seems irresponsible.

This speaks volumes for the type of person supporting Nobama.  I read a report today saying that most of his supporters are young adults that have not completed high school.  Accordingly, they fall into the lower incomes as well.  Lots of Americans in that situation these days but not all are unintelligible.  In fact, a recent study I also read shows that most Americans (90%) are now completing High School. 

Hard to believe that in this great land we have so many illiterates.  Has the system failed them that badly?  We really need to revisit the school system, the training criteria, school safety (e.g. anti-bulliesm programs), college scholarship programs and low income families who need their children to drop out of school to help support the family.  We must educate our children and help them to become informed adults so that they can intelligently choose a leader and a future.  If not, we are failing them and failing ourselves.  In the end, we and the US will have no future if we do not invest in our children.

Ok, I know some of you are asking – would I be as outraged if this man voted for my candidate?  Yes, I would.  I was upset with the position he was putting the voting official in long before I learned his political views.  

On a local positive note – lots of Republicans running unopposed for local offices.  Go Republicans!   Romney and Ryan are Right!!!!!  Hoping for wonderful news as the results come in tonight.

June 7, 2012

The Job Hunt

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I love LinkedIn.  Opportunity to meet many great people from all walks of life.  It is also provides a platform to keep touch with those you have met in the business community over the years.  Spending the last 10 years in consulting, I have met many people.  I love it when we can keep a connect on LinkedIn.  There are many times that I need a new 3PL carrier or you may need a connect or contact for Logistic related matters.  Always great to hear from “old friends”.

As you all know, I am seeking a new opportunity.  TX Eagle Brokerage is an contract extension but not a new position.   Thank you all for the warm words of congratulations on the new gig.   It will serve to help strengthen my sales skills as I set up this new brokerage venture.

Had a wonderful conversation with a very professional lady in NY yesterday regarding an opportunity with her client.  I am so excited about meeting and speaking with this man.  Unlike most of leads, this is a product I actually use and rave about daily.  I have never given it a thought that I might fit into their “ohana”.   I am so use to the tunnel vision of trucking that I often forget all the wonderful industries that my logistics skills can take me to.  I am currently being considered for several opportunities / presented for several opportunities but this one is really topping the charts right next to the San Francisco area opportunity.  I do hope to breach the gatekeepers and at least get an invite to the “palace”. 

Well, let’s see where next week will lead.  I am going to enjoy my family on a little getaway Fri – Monday.  May you have a wonderful weekend!  Until Tuesday…..

June 3, 2012

BS – Information System Management

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December 1, 2010

CSA 2010 Is Offical Today

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REMINDER – CSA 2010 is official beginning today. Stay low key and off the radar. Each inspection, ticket or interaction is a measurement point. Drive safe. Drive wise. Do your pretrips, keep your log current, watch your speed and be prepared. It protects your company but more importantly, it protects your future as a professional driver.

November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Wishes

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From the desk of THE DOT DOCTOR

May we all be thankful for our many blessings and good fortune. We are thankful for having wonderful readers like you subscribing to our newsletter and interested in the services of The DOT Doctor. May you be safe and have much continued success.

CSA 2010 and YOU

Don’t be gobbled up by the under taking of CSA 2010 on December 1. Thankfully, you have the support of trained experts ready to save your company from the ax. The DOT Doctor is here to be your shield. We can show you how to receive your “Thanksgiving pardon”. Our trained experts can tailor a CSA 2010 educational program for your company. You can download a FREE CSA 2010 whitepaper on the website. Inquire about our new CSA 2010 monitoring program to keep your company at the top of its game.

Did you see the article in CCJ Magazine about three trucking companies who are losing business to their competition due to low CSA 2010 scores? Yes, the data is already being collected on you and your drivers AND it is available to the public. Don’t lose contracts due to low scores. Let The DOT Doctor vaccinate your company against lose due to deficiencies.

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September 16, 2010

Issues with EOBRs

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EOBRs, still being in infancy, are posing many issues with roadside inspections. Sold as a product that aids in easing roadside inspections, we have found that it infuriates more officers than it soothes. Many compliance officers and policeman/woman are not trained in how to extract information via USB or wireless link from these devices. Companies are failing their drivers by not providing appropriate training in accessing this information to their drivers therefore chaos ensues when data is requested.
While Quallcomm is a well known and respected system, lesser systems come with many software glitches that do not recognize all the HOS statuses. The split sleeper berth is an excellent example of a software not recognizing the 8/2 split. Off duty well site is another very common issue when going electronic.
When choosing a system, please think satellite. You cannot even begin to image the issues companies experience when using cellular only e-log systems.
Drivers be sure to check your hours BEFORE signing back on duty. Some systems require you to wait as much as an extra 10 minutes just so it can sync else you risk having to sit another 10 hours.
E-logs and the coming e-virs are the wave of the future. They allow drivers to skip the “coloring book” at the end of the day but present other issues at present. Drivers often loose work hours due to system glitches. Once the bugs are worked out, enforcement personally properly trained and drivers/dispatchers trained correctly on the system their company uses; there maybe a bright future for these virtual systems.
On the flip side; the GPS capabilities are outstanding. They can be a driver’s and a dispatcher’s best friend when used correctly. The message capabilities save phone time and cost. It increases productivity of dispatch and driver. It is a smart move for the progression of any up and coming company.

~The DOT Doctor

April 21, 2010

RoadCheck 2010

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It’s annual. It’s no surprise. But what week is it this year?

CVSA sets Roadcheck for June 8-10
By CCJ Staff
Published April, 21 2010

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has scheduled its annual Roadcheck event for June 8-10. CVSA scheduled the event to eliminate scheduling problems during the weekend following Memorial Day, May 24.

Roadcheck is a 72-hour event in which an estimated 10,000 inspectors set up more than 1,000 checkpoints on highways across North America to monitor truck safety compliance.

Last year, the vehicle compliance rate of 80.4 percent was the highest since 1996, CVSA said. The driver compliance rate of 95.7 percent was the highest ever.


April 1, 2010

Financial Standard Changes Have More Implicaitons than Just Finance

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Implementation of the International Financial Reporting Standards will have an impact on supply management

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are replacing the U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) as a global standard. Currently the US relies up GAAP for their accounting methods, however in 2012 a major change is coming. IT implementations must begin this year for publically traded companies to be on track.
While reporting standards are the bean counters’ problems, these changes affect all aspects of the business including Supply Chain Management. SCMs will be directly affected in four areas. Todd Neely explains the changes coming our way.
Supply Management Impacts
Four major changes IFRS has on supply chain management are LIFO, inventory valuation, long-term contracts and management responsibility.
Last in, first out (LIFO). The change to LIFO is easy to understand. IFRS does not permit inventory to be valued using the LIFO method. If you are valuing inventory using LIFO, implementing IFRS will require switching from LIFO to another method. The switch can have large tax consequences and should be thoroughly investigated to minimize taxes.
Inventory valuation. Under GAAP, inventory is valued once. As long as the inventory sits on the shelf, it reflects the historical prices paid. Under IFRS, inventory is valued at current market price. For many inventory items, the number of turns is high, resulting in current market price being equal to historical price paid. But for other items, significant changes between the price paid and current market price will require repeated revaluation to report the inventory’s true value.
Long-term contracts. Under GAAP, possession and ownership are not the same. Under lease or consignment agreements, you can have possession but do not own the inventory. The inventory would not have to be included in the reporting of your financial statements. Under IFRS, when you take possession, you take responsibility. When you are responsible for an item, it is to be reported on the financial statements.
Management responsibility. The responsibility of management in making decisions on how financial data is collected and reported is much greater under IFRS. GAAP has rules and guidelines for most situations. The trick is to determine which rule or guideline applies to the situation you are investigating. Once the rule is found, apply it. Under IFRS, there are fewer rules or guidelines. You are responsible to do what is best to report the true financial condition of the situation. Whatever your decision, you will be responsible to consistently perform the same action repeatedly. If you change — you have to report why.
If you would like to read more, the article may be found in the weekly publication, Inside Supply Management. E-version is available at:

September 2, 2009


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