The DOT Doctor’s Blog

June 3, 2012

Welcome Summer!

It has been awhile since I signed into WordPress and created a blog.   Perhaps it is time I take back up the pen and address you all again.

What are my current goals?

I am seeking a new opportunity in the logistics and/or transportation field.   It must involve travel, ability for growth and be a position of responsibility.   The DOT Doctor is a great organization.  I truly have enjoyed creating and building her.  While I intend to remain as a partner, my focus and dedication is to a new venture.   Anyone with contacts or who knows of a company needing a subject matter expert in logistics and trucking; please think of me.   Pass my contacts to the responsibility ( and drop me a line.   Please let me know how I may be of assistance to you in return.

Join on my LinkedIn and Facebook my friends.  Let us grow our networks together.


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