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September 16, 2010

Issues with EOBRs

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EOBRs, still being in infancy, are posing many issues with roadside inspections. Sold as a product that aids in easing roadside inspections, we have found that it infuriates more officers than it soothes. Many compliance officers and policeman/woman are not trained in how to extract information via USB or wireless link from these devices. Companies are failing their drivers by not providing appropriate training in accessing this information to their drivers therefore chaos ensues when data is requested.
While Quallcomm is a well known and respected system, lesser systems come with many software glitches that do not recognize all the HOS statuses. The split sleeper berth is an excellent example of a software not recognizing the 8/2 split. Off duty well site is another very common issue when going electronic.
When choosing a system, please think satellite. You cannot even begin to image the issues companies experience when using cellular only e-log systems.
Drivers be sure to check your hours BEFORE signing back on duty. Some systems require you to wait as much as an extra 10 minutes just so it can sync else you risk having to sit another 10 hours.
E-logs and the coming e-virs are the wave of the future. They allow drivers to skip the “coloring book” at the end of the day but present other issues at present. Drivers often loose work hours due to system glitches. Once the bugs are worked out, enforcement personally properly trained and drivers/dispatchers trained correctly on the system their company uses; there maybe a bright future for these virtual systems.
On the flip side; the GPS capabilities are outstanding. They can be a driver’s and a dispatcher’s best friend when used correctly. The message capabilities save phone time and cost. It increases productivity of dispatch and driver. It is a smart move for the progression of any up and coming company.

~The DOT Doctor

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