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June 7, 2012

The Job Hunt

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I love LinkedIn.  Opportunity to meet many great people from all walks of life.  It is also provides a platform to keep touch with those you have met in the business community over the years.  Spending the last 10 years in consulting, I have met many people.  I love it when we can keep a connect on LinkedIn.  There are many times that I need a new 3PL carrier or you may need a connect or contact for Logistic related matters.  Always great to hear from “old friends”.

As you all know, I am seeking a new opportunity.  TX Eagle Brokerage is an contract extension but not a new position.   Thank you all for the warm words of congratulations on the new gig.   It will serve to help strengthen my sales skills as I set up this new brokerage venture.

Had a wonderful conversation with a very professional lady in NY yesterday regarding an opportunity with her client.  I am so excited about meeting and speaking with this man.  Unlike most of leads, this is a product I actually use and rave about daily.  I have never given it a thought that I might fit into their “ohana”.   I am so use to the tunnel vision of trucking that I often forget all the wonderful industries that my logistics skills can take me to.  I am currently being considered for several opportunities / presented for several opportunities but this one is really topping the charts right next to the San Francisco area opportunity.  I do hope to breach the gatekeepers and at least get an invite to the “palace”. 

Well, let’s see where next week will lead.  I am going to enjoy my family on a little getaway Fri – Monday.  May you have a wonderful weekend!  Until Tuesday…..

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