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November 6, 2012

Election 2012

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This sounds like a bad joke but it happened to me at the Voting poles.

An old lady/senior citizen, a middle aged lady (me) and 2 blonde guys walk into a church to vote.  There were no real signs that this was the voting place and it took a bit of Googling or series of phone calls to learn where to vote for my district.  Once inside; still no real signs of where to go in the church.  A man exited a room that looked “official” and I asked.   We were directed down the hall.  You entered the room at the second door which seemed clumsy.  There were 3 ladies sitting behind a desk; again no direction or signs.  With enough questions you learned the process required to gain a voting booth.  This was the first year for computerized voting in the area.  I have been using paper ballots since I first voted in TX in 2004.  These were not like the computer voting terminals I had previously used back East either.  It was like a rotary phone that you dialed up what you wanted and then pushed enter. 

Moving on, I finally gained my booth and was voting.  The man behind me announced he was not registered but decided he wished to vote today.  He was given a voter registration form and explained to that this was not possible.  The man was a bit older than I so this was not his first election.  This exchange was loud and the man was confused.  The man with him, son or brother, had now gained the booth next to me.  Here is where the fun began.

The man could not figure out this confounded computer thing as I hear most of the local older folks say when referring to any type of computer or computerized device.  He was planning on voting with his father/brother at the table with a paper ballot so that the person that can read and has an opinion on how everyone is to vote can show the others what to check.  This computer thing messed that idea all up.  The man was not quite 100%.  He had speech and walking issues, his hands did not function quite right and he was far from the sharpest crayon in the box.  I am guessing son because he looked to be in his 30’s.  

As we all know, there is no communication and especially no talking about candidates while in the voting 100 ft zone.  This man had no concept of this.  He just knew “daddy” was not next to him to tell him how to vote.  The election official basically had to work the machine for him.  He was totally confused!  She helped him sign in and then tried to leave him to vote.  He would not have it.  He called her back and asked how to vote.  She asked, “Party line or do you want to see names”.  Yeah names.  She showed him names; the 4 Presidential Candidates.  He yells where Obama.  Since it had his full name, he did not recognize it was the assumption from the loud conversation.  She tried to show him and again questioned about party line.  He asked what was that?  She explained Democrat.  That really confused the man.  Nope, he wanted to vote for Obama not that.  This went on for a bit until it sounded like the lady finally helped him vote for the party line and depart.

Ended up we all exited the building together as well.  What a conversation that was on the way out!

Now I have to ask, “What debate did this man watch?”  What news reports or newspapers or magazines did he read to help him make an informed decision?  What did he do to prepare to vote for the most capable candidate?  He could not even pick out his candidate’s name in a line up! 

I know as US Citizens we all have the RIGHT to vote.  We ban felons from voting even if they have advanced degrees and intelligence.  We do not allow a person to make a will if they are not of “sound mind and body” or enter into any legal contract for that matter.  Yet we let anyone vote.  Should there not be a basic IQ test or some minimum level of schooling/intelligence factor one should possess before being able to help select the “most powerful man/woman in the world”?  Not doing so just seems irresponsible.

This speaks volumes for the type of person supporting Nobama.  I read a report today saying that most of his supporters are young adults that have not completed high school.  Accordingly, they fall into the lower incomes as well.  Lots of Americans in that situation these days but not all are unintelligible.  In fact, a recent study I also read shows that most Americans (90%) are now completing High School. 

Hard to believe that in this great land we have so many illiterates.  Has the system failed them that badly?  We really need to revisit the school system, the training criteria, school safety (e.g. anti-bulliesm programs), college scholarship programs and low income families who need their children to drop out of school to help support the family.  We must educate our children and help them to become informed adults so that they can intelligently choose a leader and a future.  If not, we are failing them and failing ourselves.  In the end, we and the US will have no future if we do not invest in our children.

Ok, I know some of you are asking – would I be as outraged if this man voted for my candidate?  Yes, I would.  I was upset with the position he was putting the voting official in long before I learned his political views.  

On a local positive note – lots of Republicans running unopposed for local offices.  Go Republicans!   Romney and Ryan are Right!!!!!  Hoping for wonderful news as the results come in tonight.

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